Thank you for your interest! This is not a do it yourself complicated plan like most others on the internet. This is a one to one, tailored to your needs, coaching plan.

Of the people I have worked with, including myself, many have had different triggers. Usually, there is an accumulation of these triggers and lifestyle factors causing these symptoms to be much worse, but despite having the disease in common, every individual is unique and therefore will need their own tailored plan. 

The plan can be simple with the right attitude and positivity. I won’t be baffling you with science nor will I inundate you with the information you struggle to take in unless you actually request to know more. I know how overwhelming everything can be when you feel very low, fatigued and brain fogged etc. I know how hard it will be to try and stay positive at times when you’re having a particularly bad day. But I will be there for you, I will personally be supporting you throughout the whole programme. It’s not a case of being sent some do’s and don’t throughout the weeks and then left to your own devices. I will, week by week, step by step, be sending you non-complicated instructions, information and forms as well as videos guiding you along the way.

I will also be thoroughly assessing all information given back to me so I can tailor the plan specific to your needs. Everyone with hypothyroidism is different with different symptoms and triggers and also other complicated medical histories. 

I will be there to support you with any questions you may have and will be available to respond quickly to any messages throughout the plan.  

Before the plan starts there will be one week of pre-plan assessments, this will enable me to take a look in depth at what is causing your symptoms. I would need recent blood levels and for you to complete a questionnaire so I can assess all your information before we start. Nothing will change in this week and I want you to do everything you would normally do in a typical week.  

Following the initial week of assessment, week 1 of the 6-week plan will start. We will address what sets off those symptoms and start working on healing your body and getting your energy back. When we have our energy we can do so much more, it gets us moving and motivated and I'm guessing for most people motivation to do anything was lost a long time ago!

We would need to look at your blood work and existing medication. If you do not have any up to date blood tests may I suggest you have some done before we start. As you start to get better, have more energy, lose weight etc, this can alter your levels and therefore would be advisable to monitor them. Every individual has their own optimum levels, so what is right for one person may not be right for another. I am very in tune to my body now which helps me keep my levels at their best. We will get you more in tune with your body and when you feel much better and become less symptomatic this will enable you to find your optimal level too.

I have spent many years whilst suffering from this disease trying to find that miracle cure/pill to make me feel better. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist! However in the meantime throughout my years of studies, research, personal experiences and helping others, I have learned many things appertaining to this disease. The only people I have ever seen feel better from autoimmune disease are the ones committed to making serious changes in their life and knowing what those changes need to be. Clearly, whatever you are doing isn’t working for you.

I know we both want the same outcome. You want to find a way to start living your life again, to stop feeling like you are just existing on this planet and actually get back your life, and my aim is to get you to succeed in doing so. I am not just going to take you on and leave you to fail I am going to do my utmost to help you. We can do this together! I just need you fully committed to this programme to achieve the full results. If you are absolutely at your wit's end, tried lots of things to no avail, are not expecting me to send you some miracle pills to cure all, then this is the plan for you!

By the end of the plan, you will have the energy and the will to continue healing your body and mind, thus giving yourself HEALTH, ENDURANCE, VITALITY AND LIFE! 

The price of the plan for personal one to one coaching is $2000. I do offer more options on the price that don't include one to one coaching as I can truly understand not everyone will have the money to go forward. Unfortunately, this isn't a set plan that I can just hand out to everyone. I have to spend a lot of time working with my clients, assessing their symptoms and life etc to see how best to help them and have to charge accordingly. I have also spent a lot of time, resources and money to get a successful plan together.

I really do wish I could have spent $2000 8 years ago to get the results I have now, instead of wasting years of my life I won't get back. It would have been the best investment I could have ever made. I really want to help you, I truly know how badly this disease can affect you. For me this is my vocation in life, to help people through my knowledge and experiences. I am a real person, a person who has been through what you are going through right now!

I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Kind regards

Tanya x
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