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Specialising in one to one personal coaching 
 Due to an overwhelming response and the launch of my Facebook Business Page, I am at present fully booked up with one to one thyroid coaching.

However! As I would like to help as many people as I can, I have spent the last 6 months investing my time and money on an instructional information based six-week program built on a user friendly platform for people with hypothyroidism.

When setting up this plan I didn’t want to just give people lots of information for them to be overwhelmed and fail. Just giving people information doesn’t usually work; 
....we can all read up on how to lose weight, 
....we can all read up on how to exercise,
....and we can all read up on how to get better,
....but do we always act or make the right choices! 
Then there are the people who I hear time and time again;
“This is what i’m trying this week."
“Tried that last week and felt a bit better, but not much."
It’s like having 6 punctures on a bike and only mending 5, the tyre will still go down. Every issue needs to be addressed and that is why I have invested in the best platform to make this happen.

The platform works in such a way that I can easily instruct you on everything that needs doing; it makes you motivated to work through the plan, keeps you on track and focuses your mind on real results.

So my apologies!…. Unfortunately as this platform costs so much to produce I have to charge a small amount to try and cover my cost. This is also my full time job due to so many of you needing help who are not getting what you need. A small cost to pay for a product that can change your life.
The plan is made much more affordable for people that can’t access my one to one coaching and can be done at your own pace without the need for me to be charging for my time. 

I am so excited about this program and the impact it can have on so many peoples lives, people who are also suffering immensely the way I once was!

Here's A Brief Look Into The Benefits Of Your Six Week Plan:
Unlike any other plan, you will be guided and instructed weekly. You won't be bombarded with information and left struggling to take it in, making you feel even more overwhelmed.  Everything will be explained simply and thoroughly and you will only need to concentrate on the information given for that particular week.  What you learn and put into place each week will be continued throughout the plan and built up over the whole 6-weeks.  It's almost like having the one to one coaching but at a fraction of the cost.  Here are just a few points of what you can expect during the plan and what you can achieve.  Although we all suffer the same debilitating disease I know everyone is different with a varying range of symptoms.  However, the outcome can all be the same when you follow the plan!
Pre-Assessment Week
  •  You will be instructed on how to assess where you are now.                  
  •  Your assessment will then be used to identify certain triggers throughout the plan that is making you symptomatic.
  •  This record will give you something to look back on during and beyond the plan of how you once felt and how far you have come. 
  •  Start eliminating triggers that are causing your symptoms and having a huge impact on your health.                                        
  •   How to deal with certain thyroid disruptors and eliminate them.
  •   See how eating the right foods will not only give you energy and vitality, but will also start eliminating symptoms and help you heal! 
  •  Address thyroid medications and supplements.  What's right for you and what's not.
  •  Get better sleep, feel more energised and less symptomatic.                 
  •   Feel less tired and fatigued.                                                                              
  •  Find which activity is right for you to help you feel alive and motivated instead of being left drained and exahusted. 
  •   What blood tests you should be asking for and questions you may want to ask your doctor.

  •  Start to loose the unwanted weight.                                                                  
  •  Get help in dealing with stress and relieving anxiety or low mood.        
  •  Realise the extensive effect stress can have on your body, in particular your thyroid, and start reducing and reversing the impact.      
  •  Embark on a more positive outlook for your furture health and thyroid disease.                                                                                           
  •  By now you will be starting to feel the benefits of week 1, 2 and 3.         
  •  Your hormones will start to balance which will help with sleep, loosing weight, regulating periods, help you be more fertile and make you look more youthful.                                                                                
  •  You should be having much better days with less pain and more alertness.
  •  We will look at hugely lowering and eliminating your exposure to certain toxins which can profoundly disrupt your thyroid and unbalance your homones.                                                    
  •   By week 5 you will have lost weight, gained energy and further reduced your symptoms. 
  •  We will be giving your body even more of what it needs, taking you to the next level of health.
  •  You will be much less dificient in certain vital nutrients and feeling the benefits of it.
  •  A breif look back at your diary from your pre assessment week will help you realise how far you have come.
  •   Over the weeks you will have built up your knowledge about your thyroid, you will have eliminated certain triggers and will know how to look after yourself and your thyroid much better. 
  •  You will now be much less symptomatic or even symptomless!               
  •  You will be feeling stronger and be able to deal with life in general better.  
  •  You will start to feel empowered and more in control of your own health again. You will have a better frame of mind to get well and succeed!  
  •  This week you will be given tips and information on how to maintain this when the six week plan is complete.

Review Of Your Journey
  •  After completing the plan you will find you will now be able to manage life much easier, you will have more energy for your family and career and your thyroid disease will no longer have to take control of your life! — You will now be well on your way to gaining back that control! You’ll have a clear plan for a bright future and the tools to get yourself back to a normal, happy and energetic life once again!
  •  12 Months Access to monthly Q&A's in my member's facebook group.
  •  And So Much More! - You will get instant downloadable access now!
  •  See what other people are saying below.
The 6-week plan is perfect for you if: 
  •  You feel you are not getting the treatment to suit your needs
  •  You want change and are now ready to invest in you! 
  •  You are ready to get back in control of your health.
  •  You feel you have the commitment to do whatever it takes to be well again.
  •  You realise your life is priceless!
  •  You don't want to put up with these horrific symptoms anymore!
Time To Make Change!
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What My Clients are Saying...

"You have given me my life back"

A complete lifestyle change thank you so much!

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you"

I have my energy back and feel alive again, 7 weeks ago I never thought it was possible.

It was so nice to work with you as you listened and understood what I was going through

You have been a tremendous help on my pathway to healing I am forever grateful.

"Every step was really easy..."

I am so into my new way of living thank you for turning my life around.

"You're The Absolute Best!"

I never even wanted to leave the house, now I'm never in the house, I love my new life!
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Below is a poem I wrote when I was suffering
I'm sure a lot of you can relate!
Living with Thyroid Disease
Just cause I may spend more time in bed doesn’t mean that I am lazy,
Or when I freak out at the slightest thing doesn’t mean that I am crazy!
I just can’t help getting overwhelmed with all the day to day things
I’m not myself anymore I struggle to deal with what life brings.

I don’t want to be this way so don’t judge or tease,
I’m just a tired girl whose living with thyroid disease.

I regularly feel down and depressed and find it hard to look on the bright side
and no matter how hard I try to put on a front it can be very hard to hide.
My heart will race and my stomach will churn I can feel it brewing in-side
Taking total control the panic attack comes can’t get away can’t hide!

I don’t want to be this way so don’t judge or tease,
I’m just a scared girl who's living with thyroid disease.

My body has changed its shape what’s going on I'm getting bigger
I eat much less than I ate before so I know food isn’t the trigger.
I’m not greedy I don’t stuff my face when no-one's around
I gain weight no matter what, I struggle to loose even a pound!

I don’t want to be this way so don’t judge or tease,
I’m just a frustrated girl whose living with thyroid disease.

My head’s in a mess and I feel so lost, will I ever find myself again
why is it now that the feelings I harbour are sadness, frustration and pain.
I want to live the life I once had but now I just vaguely remember
Even though I fight a big battle each day I struggle and have to surrender

I don’t want to be this way so don’t judge or tease,
I’m just a sad girl who's living with thyroid disease.

I forget things all the time so I'm sorry if you think I don’t care
It’s not the case I promise you I'm just brain fogged, tired, in despair,
Please understand it’s not me who’s changed it’s this disease that’s taken control
I’m in a war with myself that sometimes I loose, I feel it ends up taking my soul.

   I don’t want to be this way so don’t judge or tease,
 I’m just a lonely girl whose living with thyroid disease.
 I will be myself again one day I will keep fighting till the end
 In the meantime please just understand till I find out how I can mend…

 This tired and scared girl who’s feeling frustrated and sad
 no longer wants to be lonely and just wants what she once had….. 
So please can you help me to find her again by being there for me
 just be understanding be loving and caring and have some empathy!

 Written by Tanya Armstrong 
Copyright 2016 - TanyaArmstrong.com - All Rights Reserved
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